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the long awaited update

Hello world did you miss me?

I'm a senior now... yay I guess, here's the bad news.

I was at war with Juanita and I currently hate her in secret, I mean she could have told me that she was in love with her friend Chris... they've known each other longer than me and well I should have been happy for them.

But I fucking hate them and I'll probably never like them again.

Ummm, I have a 360 now... my selection sucks right now but I'm broke. I'm job hunting and well I hope there are places close to home so I can walk, I don't have a car and well I need the exercise anyways...

I plan on updating more often now because I see that I've been gone for a while... school's been keeping me occupied and well, yeah I'll get back on that.

Join we need new members...
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