metal_the_otaku (metal_the_otaku) wrote,

breaking myself into pieces

Where to begin?

Well, Liz finally backed off but Valerie doesn't like me anymore, I went out with a freshman friend of mine named Juanita (I call her Kitty-chan) and she broke my heart... O///O not exactly the best way to say I'm back. I'm managed to talk to Valerie in secret on Gaia, she doesn't know that it's me... however I can't be truly honest to her now. I fucking hate Kitty-chan now because she chose to play me for a fool, I really did like her too...

yeah... that's all I can say right now, except for the fact that I have a reason to be really pissed at my tech teacher.

But that is a tale for another time...

(originally meant to be posted april 23rd)
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