metal_the_otaku (metal_the_otaku) wrote,

The Prelude to a Painful Spring Break

Valerie was so cold to me today... she didn't even say hi to me today, I waved and called out to her but she didn't respond. Jessica asked me about Liz... she asked things like, "Are you and Liz dating?" and "Why did Liz sit on your lap?"

*Pause for random shit breaking*

If Liz is the reason why Valerie isn't talking to me... then I have a reason to run away forever, though I hate to say it I'd better let it out now:

I never thought for a second that I'd ever find love, even when I was with the other girls... If I did find love I knew I'd never keep it forever.

I'm going away for spring break (mom's orders) *sigh* I just hope I don't meet someone while I'm away, that would really fuck up my head... as if it wasn't fucked up already!
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